one of those nights where I feel mostly sad and very little significance in my existance like look at the sky look at the stars I am so fucking unimportant

actor meme: character that made me fall in love— Ned the Pie Maker


its like the entire beach was glowing 


This is my body, not yours. I eat what I want, exercise for my health, and wear what I want.







jovialmaverick meet me in the pit

wat r u waiting for. Combat me

why are you still talking to me have you not been embarrassed enough yet or

will not rest until ur shitty views have been dismantled

youre a 14 y/o ‘femme’ ‘nebula’ get out of my face

aint a nebula im the goddamn universe get out my face

plz save urself


bulbasours again rly

u gotta work on ur finger dexterity


I did it while writing a message telling u it was a mistake smfh

sabroklaire asked: Hey ! Just discovered your page, which is pretty cool, yet one thing disturbs me ; why are you looking that sad on your last photos / billet ? Cheer up, dudette ! :D

ahaha yeah I rarely post pics of my smiling but this message is nice thank u!! I shall try and be generally more happy in the future bc I deserve it :)

mondonium asked: hey cool art yo


[BC Canada]

i'm nicole i like art and poetry and attractive people and sometimes videogames and pokemon too

+ anime and some manga